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  • tips on stocking the pantry
  • how to read food labels
  • healthy eating on the go
  • more plant-based foods
  • low-fuss healthy dinners
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Elemental nutrition 
for your body, for your health.

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To Make Whole Food Plant-Based Eating Easier

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A Creative Way to Enhance Your Experience of the World Around You

Elemental Wellness clients…
  • Recognize they've been putting other people and priorities ahead of themselves
  • Are ready to take a hands-on approach to exercise and nutrition
  • Understand happiness is something they can and will create for themselves
  • Know good habits (not fad diets) are the foundation of healthy living
  • Want a grounded intelligent coach for support in making positive lifestyle changes
Together we...
  • Form a partnership based on trust, respect, and confidentiality
  • Explore and describe what optimal well-being looks and feels like
  • Recognize and work through what might be standing in the way
  • Set reasonable goals for moving forward
  • Measure progress and celebrate the successes

Results include…

  • A simplified and sustainable approach to eating and exercise
  • The shedding of unhealthy practices and tired beliefs
  • The creation and strengthening of positive lifelong habits that ensure sustained well-being
  • An expanded sense of well-being, purpose, and grace

Barclay Schraff Barclay Schraff
Health & Wellness Coach

Barclay's sense of humor, strengths and support have helped me understand what changes I could make to regain control. Moving from reacting to responding. Small changes in course with big changes in outcome. A delightful journey and one that continues. I recommend her without reservation.

Paul, Massachusetts

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